Alex Nunez

Alex Nunez

Owner and Creator

Squat: 475lbs

Deadlift: 575lbs



Certified Sports Nutritionist

Bodybuilding Prep Coach

Metabolic Testing Certified

USAW-Level 1 Cert

About Coach

I started Competing as a small child, my mother had us in martial arts since we were about 8 years old. I was always a smaller kid, even as a young adult I was tall and lanky. so was always hard for me to put on weight, I weighed 103lbs leaving high school and into college up until my 3rd year of college I was 135lbs at 6'1 so you can only imagine what that looked like or how I felt in a big collage and surrounded by huge athletic, buff, and ripped people. I got a BSN and minor in nutrition and started to work more on my Macronutrients, as the years went on I started to notice a difference in my body as I was gaining weight but also gaining lean tissue/muscle mass. I learned that weight loss/weight gain does not happen overnight and takes time for both of them to happen and sometimes even years! I am now 215lbs and it's been 13 years since I started this journey!

Turning Point

I've worked in the fitness Industry for 12 years and worked for a lot of big-name companies like Lifetime Fitness, EOS Fitness, Equinox, Orangetheory Fitness, Eat The Frog Fitness and many others. I found that a lot of gyms had so much to offer but everything was paid for separately so the price of a monthly membership was very high, then I found that group fitness had so many things that were missing and didn't provide nutritional counseling for members and I can go on and on about what was missing and what needed to change. I would give my ideas and they would take them but not implement them, but again who was I to say something was missing or needed to change? So I was coaching one day at a studio and we were doing this crazy complex movement that not everyone was capable of doing and thought, I'm going to open my own gym and teach the basics of strength and conditioning training and package it all into a one-stop shop! That is how Ignite Performance and Fitness was born!!

Motivation & Passion

Point blank, I think anything is possible if you work for it! It doesn't come easy but it is possible, giving up is not an option and we have so many amazing coaches and experts that we work with too. I can guarantee that you'll hit your goals with our classes!

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